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The ISAN 2020 is not race, long-distance cycling, self-support cycling, tour across Isan Area of Thailand

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Many years ago we lived a long distance cycling. We know what you want?

We provide great services and support

ISAN.BIKE is a website to present the long-distance and self-support cycling event. The pages on this website, contain the constitution and rules for The ISAN 2020.

The ISAN 2020 activity is an endurance cycling event, this is not a race and will have every four years after PBP. It’s about discovery, about exploration, about challenging yourself. This is first event of long distance more 2,000 KM in Thailand.

Our staff is randonneur cyclist. We are ready to support and welcome to Thailand. Because we also live long distance cycling like you, please believe us.

What do you think?
What is your goal?
We know and understand that.

Our Services

We offer a full range of long-distanct cycling events and sporting services, including


The online registration system will help facilitate those who are interested our activities. It's secure and confidential.


The results can be found on our recording system. The homologations are organised by les Randonneurs Mondiaux term.


Without knowing the force of news and message, it is impossible to know more. Our notifications will continue.


Organise and access your full resolution images from anywhere to record fully memories on the route of activities.


Offer transportation, accommodation, touring services and drop bag service. Between airport and venue or anywhere.


Buy products from prequalified suppliers at cheap price, quality assured, assurance and pretty hot product nowadays.


The simplest way to track progress during workouts.

Are you there?

We know
The Online Traking included real-time monitoring system. We will update soon.
The Emergency Services System include 1669 and mobile application. We will update soon.

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24x7 calling support

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